°6pcs Gold Steak or Sliced ​​(frozen) 1/2 pound, very thinly sliced ​​Rib Eye
°1 tablespoon vegetable oil
°1 diced Vidalia onion
°3 slices American cheese, cut into 3 slices each
°6 full Egroll wrappers.
°1 cup shredded cheese for dipping.
°Half a cup of banana pepper.
°A small bowl of water to wet your fingers.
°Vegetable oil for frying.

* Methods : 

This will make 6 egg whites, cut them in half to fill as an appetizer, or serve with some french fries and call it a feast! They will outlast you!

Saute onions, to the touch of fat, until soft, about 3 minutes. Put it away.

Cooking Steaks - Quick cooking takes just a moment. Do this in groups so they don't congregate. Dry the steak to get rid of some of the oil.

Lay about 1 steak on top of the egg, and sprinkle with about 1 teaspoon of the fried onion and 1/3 of a piece of cheddar. Roll up the eggroll. Dip your finger in the water and run it along the edge of the lid to soak, then close it at this point. Do the same with the closure...pinch together to close and overlap the sides to make little triangles, then soak to close. Put them away on a plate, and repeat the cycle with the extra lids and fasteners.
Heat the oil (up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit) for grilling. Fry for less than a moment (especially if you are using a frying pan). You simply need an eggroll to get a firm, shiny brown. Channel on a plate secured with a paper towel until you are done with the entire burn.

Serve with banana peppers and some warm cheese for drowning out... Regret later.
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Enjoy !