Do you want to put an end to the chemical sprays found in supermarkets? Are you looking for a 100% natural alternative? Make your homemade dust spray! Inexpensive and easy to make, it is as effective as the products of the biggest brands.

To prepare your spray, you will mix the ingredients in the following proportions:
35 ml demineralized water  To do this, boil tap water for 10 minutes then let it cool to the temperature ambient.);
35 ml of white vinegar (you can reuse this product to maintain your home, as it is an excellent deodorizer, repellent, stain remover, limescale remover);
1 generous spoonful of olive oil (you can replace this with coconut oil if you prefer.);

10 drops lemongrass, orange, lavender or peppermint essential oil (if you have pets, switch this oil for tea tree essential oil. Tea tree is an antifungal, an effective disinfectant against Gram + bacteria, an antiviral and an antiparasitic).

Once you have your products at hand, let's start preparing the mixture. Here are steps to follow to making quality spray:
take the previously purchased vaporizer;

unscrew sprayer from bottle & rinse each part thoroughly with clear water;
get a funnel and place it on the neck of the empty container;
pour the 35 ml of demineralized water inside the container;
add 35 ml of white vinegar to the demineralised water;
Carefully pour 1 tablespoon of olive oil into this mixture;

adding 10 drops essential oil your choice (if you wish, you can incorporate different essential oils to create your own unique scent.);
close the bottle using the "spray" part and shake the mixture vigorously. Once the liquid has become homogeneous, your spray is finished.
A warning however: as the preparation contains several phases, it will be necessary to shake it before every using so that demineralized water & oils mingle again. 
To test your new ecological product, you will spray a little of this solution 20 cm from the furniture to be dusted. You will then use a microfiber cloth to polish your furniture and remove the residue from your homemade spray. Olive oil will protect and nourish wooded surfaces and make your waxed or varnished furniture shine.

Do not be worried by the yellowish color of this preparation: it is due to the mixture of oils, but it does not stain. The dilution is minimal: once sprayed, the deposited product is totally transparent.