°3 lbs oxtails

°1 medium sized yellow onion chopped

°2 tablespoons of my favorite homemade barbecue seasoning OR 2 teaspoons of favorite store-bought barbecue seasoning

°2 tablespoons vegetable oil

°3 cups barbecue sauce

°a desired amount of liquid smoke I used just over 1 tbsp

°3 cups beef broth OR chicken broth OR water


Place the oxtails and onions in a large mixing bowl, then pour the oil over the oxtails.

Next, make sure everything is well coated in oil, then sprinkle the barbecue seasoning over the oxtails.

Place the oxtails and onions in a large saucepan and place the pan over medium-high heat.

Brown the oxtails and onions, then remove them from the pan and place them in the slow cooker.

Return to the pan in which you are browning the oxtails and pour in the chicken broth OR water.

Then add the barbecue sauce and liquid smoke.
Mix everything together, cook for 5 minutes over medium heat.

Pour the barbecue sauce over the oxtails, then place the lid on the slow cooker.

Cook on LOW for 6 hours.

Serve with your favorite sides.