Spreading Salt Around Your House 🧂

 Salt has been used since Antiquity for its various virtues (purification and protection in particular). Previously it was very rare & precious (as much as gold), which also served as offerings to gods.Today, in addition to being use for its taste qualities, salt is use for its ability to ward off evil spirits: for example, you can putting salt in front of your door. Salt is a crystal that sends electromagnetic waves, it helps remove negativity from a room. Salt is therefore ideal for all rituals of purification and protection. We will see how to use it on a daily basis for optimal protection.

Salt should be spread as a barrier along the doors and windows of a house, or placed in the 4 corners of a room. The salt should be changed approximately every week, unless it turns black beforehand (which would mean that the air was loaded with bad waves. The salt positioned as a barrier must be changed regularly (every 24 hours) to be really effective against harmful entities that would try to get in. The salt use must & be thrown to water 

The idea of ​​salt outside your door can also be used if you think your home is haunted. To protect your home discreetly you can integrate salt into flower vases, in a Zen garden or use large salt crystals which are also very decorative.

If you have a restless sleep, put a cup of coarse salt under your bed and change it every 21 days. This should calm your dreams and ward off entities that might want to approach you during the night.

You can also benefit from the protection of salt even if you are not at home. To do this, choose a salt crystal (very common in jewelry), or place a large handful of salt in a small fabric pocket (linen ideally), which you will leave at the bottom of your bag.   Thus salt will protect you from the evil eye and evil spirits throughout the day. It is also possible to shower with salt to wash away any psychic waste that would prevent you from moving forward.