Strawberry Milk Cake

*Ingredients :

°1 L milk
°1.5 c sugar
°1 c flour (100 g of flour)
°1 cup of starch (140 g of cornstarch).
°1 . bag of cream
°1 cup of coconut
°100g light cream cheese
° 1 sachet of vanilla
°cookies (your choice)
+To decorate:
°Desired sauce (caramel, chocolate or fruit coulis)
°1 cup strawberries (mashed)
°4 tablespoons of sugar
°1 tablespoon cornstarch
°Cookies of your choice

* Methods :

Mix flour and sugar.  Coconut starch in a saucepan Mix well and add the milk as you go, stirring Continue cooking until it airlocks and cook for another 5 minutes R, wipe off the heat and mix Add the cheddar cream and vanilla and won also In a shape, put a wrap film to fit all wall molding machine Smooth, put treats inside
 Returning to serving dish Make strawberry sauce by mix strawberry purée, the sugar & the starch, let thicken Mix, let cool and coat your cake Garnish with mint leaves, hazelnut powder or almonds